About Us

  • Hastings Rock is a not for profit organisation manned entirely by volunteers. All of the DJs and backroom staff are involved with Hastings Rock purely because they love the music and the radio station.

  • Apart from playing some excellent rock music that you will not hear anywhere else, we also help raise awareness for St. Michael's Hospice in St. Leonards.

  • We support local music by playing CDs and interviewing some of the many bands from the area who would not otherwise receive airplay. We have a show dedicated to local music every week.

  • It is expensive to put Hastings Rock on the air for the 28 day broadcast. There are several seperate licences that are required before we can commence broadcasting.

  • The funding required is raised purely by the generous support from our sponsors and advertisers and any fund raising events that we hold during the year. We have no backers apart from ourselves.

  • Without our advertisers, there would be no Hastings Rock.

Meet the team

Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey

"My love of radio goes back to my childhood and became a licensed radio amateur som 40 years ago.I have presented rock shows on a number of radio stations including Planet Rock, , Carnival FM Radio, Slammintunes radio and I am currently the presenter of the weekly Progressive Rock show on ARfm.""

I have played lead guitar in a number of bands and I am currently rocking out with 'Four Teas And A Sugar' that includes fellow Hastings Rock presenters Ralph Winser and Alli Bolt.

I am event manager at Hastings Rock and organise the yearly Hastings Rock Fest and this year, the Hastings Rock Showcase events."

Andy Gunton

"I have been involved with Hastings Rock since 1995. Firstly by loaning the station a growing number of CD’s, then helping out the DJ’s and answering the phone in the studio, and finally presenting my own shows since the 2002 broadcast.
During that time I produced and presented the Local Music Show from 2004 until 2018, as well as presenting ‘normal’ shows on every broadcast since 2002. I have also presented various shows on Carnival FM and Battle FM in more recent years. I also had the honour of being the Chairman of the Hastings Rock for eight years, a role I have returned to for the 2020 broadcast. Hastings Rock is a unique radio station, and it’s a real pleasure and an honour to be a part of it. Long may it continue to rock the airwaves."

Nick Thomas

"Nick is responsible for the existence of Hastings Rock. Our former station manager, now head of music, he has long been a campaigner for a local rock music station and has spent much of his time working to put the station on air. A talented broadcaster and thoughtful diplomat, he has been able to build up a close working team of presenters and technicians."

Sarah Harvey

Richard Stack

"Richard has always loved great music from 50s jazz through to current times. Loves going to local music gigs in hastings and has been involved with hastings rock for about six years. Before HR I enjoyed internet radio and so looks like a complete loop with HR being internet based this year! Favourite musician is the late great Arthur Lee. Keep the faith!"

Johnnie Diamond

"Johnnie has been with Hastings Rock since the very start in August 93 when he and Nick Thomas hosted the first morning shows, since then he has been presenting shows every year we have been on air, including the popular Rock and Roll show.
Johnnie, after many years doing pirate Radio Atlantis with Nick, has also broadcast on Radio Cracker in 91/92 and Radio Airbourne most years in Eastbourne from 2003. He also spent time on the Ross Revenge in 98/99 Xmas and New Year presenting for Radio Caroline then once again for Caroline on the LV18 lightship in Harwich during October 2000.
Nowadays Johnnie still presents on Radio Airbourne but dedicates the majority of his time to Hastings Rock for which he is the programme controller and in charge of T-shirts. He is married to Tina who regularly co-presents his shows."

Jon Robson

"Jon has been a part of the Hastings Rock 'fixtures and fittings' since the first broadcast back in 1993 He has worked in the radio industry radio for the majority of his career, apart from a couple of brief diversions selling cars and photocopiers!

After learning his trade as a Technical Operator for BBC Network Radio in London in the 1980s he has since worked in various roles at several key private companies supplying the radio industry.

He enjoys his time on the 'other' side of the microphone and has worked on many FM, RSL, satellite and digital radio stations including EKR, Radio Caroline, Stream Fair FM, Battle FM and Radio Airbourne.

Jon lives just along the coast in Eastbourne. In his spare time he enjoys walking, cycling and sailing as well as spending a lot of time listening to music! He is looking forward to being involved with Hastings Rock again this year, returning in 2019 after a break for a few years."


"As a schoolboy meeting DJ Emperor Roscoe at a Radio 1 Roadshow, had a massive effect on me. It was at this time I realised I wanted to be involved in radio in the future. After running a mobile disco in the Tunbridge Wells area, I decided to join Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells in 1982. At Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells I got to interview singers Al Stewart, Leo Sayer, Alan Price, Gilbert O Sullivan, David Essex and Ralph McTell. I moved to Hastings in 1989, and had spells on Hospital Radio Hastings and the hospital radio station at Eastbourne. I was delighted to get my first show on Hastings Rock in 1995. After presenting a request show on Eastbourne's local radio station Sovereign Radio, I got the chance to be involved with the new Hastings local radio station 107.8 Arrow FM in 1998 on the Breakfast Show. I also presented Clives Sunday Afternoon Stroll."

Dominic Press

"I grew up on a steady diet of all kinds of music but it was rock music and later metal that did it for me. Live music you can't beat, going to see as many bands as possible, and to me the radio is almost like a live gig except there are all different bands in a two hour slot.

I first got the opportunity to help out on Jon Robson's show, which I have been doing for the past three years and hope to do again too. It was extremely good fun and now I've been given my own slot, I hope you'll enjoy an eclectic mix of rare tracks and covers alongside old favourites, with new and local music."

Andy Knight

"Andy started his love of radio in 1980 at the age of 16 when he did his first programme for Radio DGH, the hospital radio station in Eastbourne. He went on to become Programme Controller at Radio DGH.

In 1989 his dream of being a professional broadcaster was realised when he joined Southern FM in Brighton. For many years he was the overnight voice of the station and the show was also broadcast on Ocean FM, Power FM and South Coast Radio. During his time at Southern FM he also hosted the weekend breakfast show and provided regular holiday cover for other presenters."

Dawn Wildman

"My love of rock music goes back as far as I can remember, I was brought up on it! So the opportunity to be involved with a rock radio station in my home town is something not to be passed up.

I started by helping on Andy Gunton's shows in 2005, answering phones, reading out the weather and local gig guide, then in 2012 I was given my own shows. I love every second of it, the 28 days always go far too quickly. I have so far managed not to get caught with the fader up whilst singing along!"

Tony Davis

Tony Davis

"Since the age of 10, in the early sixties, one of my greatest passions has been music. During the years since I have drifted in and out of being a disc jockey and in the last few years have returned to it in a big way becoming a presenter on Hastings Rock and other radio stations.
Being part of Hastings Rock excites me and I always look forward to our broadcasts. As well as regular shows in 2019 I took over the hot seat for the specialist local music show and really enjoy the engagement with local musicians.
The support we get from our listeners is tremendous and I always enjoy catching up with them at evnts like the Showcases, The Rockfest and End of Broadcast events.
Long live Hastings Rock."

Tony Davis

Ian Harling

"I started in Pirate radio in 1978 after building radio transmitters and broadcast on shortwave to Europe and then on Medium Wave to the Eastbourne area and beyond.In 1990 after being chased by the DTI radio department I decided to stop my pirate radio "career" and go legit.

I started the Event station called Radio Airbourne for the annual Eastbourne International Airshow each August and have enjoyed presenting each year.

I was involved in the very first Hastings Rock broadcast back in 1993 and have been in involved with many broadcasts on Hastings Rock over the years.

My hobbies include Amateur radio and I have an Ofcom licence to speak with fellow Radio "Hams"around the world. look forward to another great broadcast this year on Hastings Rock."

Ralph Winser

I’m ONE of the longest serving presenters on Hastings Rock and still loving this station now. I was here in 1993 when it all began with Nick Thomas , Johnny Diamond , Chris Miles, Jonathan Robson etc I was doing the mid morning show on weekdays. To be honest it was the first time I’d been let loose on a live radio station, having only done recorded pirate radio shows and mobile discos before. You could literally smell the fear when the “Microphone Live” light went on in the studio that first Monday morning AND I had two radio legends watching over my first links that morning. Breakfast DJ Brian Simms and lunchtime DJ Jonathon Robson. Brian had already played tricks on me at the top of the show by swapping the labels on the Jingle carts which meant I played the wrong name jingles etc. 😂😂😂. Karma still has time to ...................... 🤔

The other Fab ( do people still say that) thing to have happened to me that year was getting married to my still long suffering wife and love of my life Gill. So technically Hastings Rock 1993 was her Honeymoon, answering the phone, running requests, picking out vinyl and CDs for me to play Thank you babe. Love you. xxx

My presenter/ DJ experience before was mainly being a mobile DJ / Disco and a few recorded shows for Pirate Radio Atlantis. But my main passion back then was playing Bass guitar in local bands and learning about sound and lighting. Still playing Bass now actually and enjoying it. After that first year at Hastings Rock the call came from my good friend Steve Masters (The Hippy Hit Man) and before I knew it I was on board the fabulous Ross Revenge 4 miles off Clacton on Sea doing shows for Radio Caroline. OMG What an Honour. I was on Radio feckin’ Caroline. I stayed with Caroline for a while including on shore at the Maidstone Studios broadcasting on Sky and internet doing a weekly lunchtime show. Circumstances changed both at Radio Caroline and for me personally and apart from Hastings Rock I left Radio alone for a while. But then Steve Price invited me to do a Sunday lunchtime show on ARFM. (If It’s Rock it’s on ARFM) I was hooked again. Rock music ( although I do have quite an eclectic taste in music) has always been a huge musical influence on me. Growing up with bands like Deep Purple, Rainbow, Pink Floyd, I,Q. Boston, Queen etc , they have all played an important part in my musical life.

So here we are............... Playing tracks from these great bands and many many others on Hastings Rock Drivetime between 5 pm and 7pm weekdays during the month of May.

See you there 😎. Oh and don’t forget to tell Alexa to play Hastings Rock. Shine On...........

Ralph. 🎸"