Hastings Rock - More ways to listen..

In addition to the
Listen Now

You can find us on your Smart device, simply say, for example:

"Alexa, play Hastings Rock"

And of course, during the month of May 2024,
you can tune your Radio to 87.7FM and listen on the Wireless....
but just for May, and JUST in and around Hastings in East Sussex......

We can also be found on the following apps on your phone:

TuneIn, Radio Garden,
and many more (we havent tested them all!)

Were also listed on Roberts and Philips Internet Radios. if we arent listed on yours, drop us a line: info@hastingsrock.co.uk and tell us the make and model, we'll see what we can do...

If you would like to use your own music player, such as VLC or Apple Music, you can open the following stream:


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